A Co-working For The Hustlers Villa Bali

When I opened the Hustlers Villa in Bali, last February, I wasn’t expecting the place to be full 90% of the time since the beginning.

But it happened, and then we used our wide garden to organise Business Brunches with the Online Entrepreneurs community staying in Bali.

Every Sunday for the past 4 months, around 15–30 people showed up to share great food and network with like-minded people in the villa’s luxuriant garden.

What to do next?

Opening a cafe & co-working space so people can come daily to work from here, have food and connect with people in similar industries.

As I created the villa as my ideal place to live, I created the Hustlers Cafe as my ideal place to work from.

I don’t care about making a hyped, large-scale and impersonal co-working space as they pop-up almost everywhere today.

I want to make it unique, inspiring and warm.

I never opened a café before, and between the day I had the idea and today, it took us 1 month.

We had to build some space in the garden, a high table with direct pool view, a garden co-working area under a tent with a tiled floor, toilets for the guest, kitchen equipment, etc.

And we also had to recruit 2 more staff to cover the shifts.

Because I knew nothing about doing all of this, I took a shortcut and hired someone who did it successfully before.

That’s how everything got done in a bit more than 4 weeks.

The most interesting part of the process though was to create the menu for the cafe.

After doing some research, I learned that there is actual science behind it, and it’s all about branding, food costing, highlighting, copywriting, etc.

Felt like building an ecom store, but on paper.


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