Nobody Cares About Your Project. People Care About This Instead.

“I haven’t started to work on it yet, because X and Y.”

That’s when I stop listening.

Everybody has a project, an idea, a dream.

And they love to talk about it, to whoever gives them attention.

It feels good to share, and to tell to everybody what we plan to do.

One day. Maybe. When X or Y will get better.

And it’s good that people keep hopeful, and keep dreaming.

The problem is, when you talk about your project, your brain makes you feel as if you already were working on it.

It’s like when you watch a motivational video, and do absolutely nothing about it.

You still feel this excitement, this dopamine, this peak of enthusiasm.

But really, all you did was sitting on a couch doing nothing.

It’s the same when you keep talking about your project to everybody, without starting to work on it.

You don’t need to have the funds yet, You don’t need to have the app yet, You don’t need to find your partner yet.

You need to put something out there in the World, that will act as an actual step towards what you want to accomplish.

Wanna sell a product but haven’t developed it yet?

Create a simple landing page, and sell the product.

See if people want to buy it before you actually create it.

Then tell them it’s out of stock and don’t take their money, just their email.

Now you know people want your product.

Because they were about to pay for it.

You can apply this in a lot of fields.

Be creative with finding ways, not excuses.

Nobody owes you any bit of their attention, until you actually deliver something.

Walk the first step, first.

Then, learn from the feedback you receive.

Ideas are cheap.

Nobody cares.

And if someone does, don’t listen to him anyway.

The World is full of dreamers doing nothing.

Be an achiever doing something.


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